Jumat, 04 Maret 2011


In thunder and lightning, here we come
Ladies and gentlemen, we the student of SMP Mapan

Present to you ‘A Better Tomorrow’.
Indonesia is a multi - racial country.
A country that belongs to all Indonesian
with a shared history and a belief in a shared future.
U-N-I-T-Y [individual]
Only a five - letter word, yet
the foundation of multi - racial country.
A cultural melting pot
[jadi kuman pian? Selamat kuman……?]
A unique heritage of different races
[Selamat Hari Raya! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai! Diwali Vartikah]
A harmonious blend unlike any in the world.
Indonesia, Truly Asia.
We’ve dances from saman to kecak
All swaying beautiful to our angklung
In our kebaya, cheongsam and sari
We have Indonesian who have made us proud
bapak Sukarno, the proclamator of Indonesia
Susi Susanti - the masters of Badminton!
Megawati - the great woman
Krisdayanti- the talented songbird
Indonesian love their food
the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner
will be as varied as it’s people.
Sate, Onde-onde.
Lemi, nasi Uduk and es cendol
Don’t forget ther king of the fruits - the durian!
Eeeee![group 1 & 2] Nice la![group 3 & 4]
What about the sagu worms?
Yuks! Not our cup of tea!
Hey!They are delicious
And nutritious
Our famous Nasi Goreng
Can be exported to the rest of the world, you know
So defined….. (1)
So refine….. (2)
So divine….. (3)
the range is totally out of the world!

Indonesian, we must have a sense of fairness,
a common sense approach to the world
People will share if they have their fair share.
They will listen if they are listened to
So we must create a nation
where there is a fair ashare for all.
And we, must listen, discuss and
hold onto our shared belief of being truly
one Indonesia.
From bullock carts to ontel
steam locomotives, bussway, and [pause]
believe it or not!
Rp. 150.000 air tickets to Bali
Now, everyone can fly.
Traveling has become a breeze (2)
Our famous Monas. (3)
A symbol of our aspirations. (1)
Blogging is now becoming a trend
I have a blog
I have a blog too!
Mine’s multiply
Mine’s blogger
We all have blogs!
Hey! Even our politicians have blogs!
The internet cannot be neglected.
What will happen if we do?
It will be like leaving our swords behind in battle.
In the world of sports
we’ve our fair share of joys and tears.
Agony of defeat, glory of success
we’ve made of presence felt in more ways than one. (tsamina-mina eh eh waka waka eh eh)
Chris John, Ade Rai.
making people scared wherever they go.
With her skill and dexterity
Dragon Boat Men’s team, 3 golds in asian games (go Indonesia go!)
Taufik Hidayat, ruling the courts the world over
Our Indonesian sports stars - a beacon of hope and inspiration
Our tourist spot are among the best in the world.
Bali – the beautiful island
Ancol – full with games
Jogjakarta - Historical City
Comodo Island - home to the Dragon Lizard
and …… Papua - Land of the paradise bird
Come one, come all if you will.
Banten and aceh are World Heritage Sites
We the present generation
Must ensure that our flora and fauna (3)
And our rich biodiversity must remain intact (1)
We must safeguard it for our future generations. (2)
As young women reaching out to women everywhere,
Remind ourselves of the many important roles we play in society
We can succeed if we want and are assets to our country
Have you heard of the saying,
"Behind every successful man is a woman?"
And ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.’
I am woman!
Hear me roar!
We, the youths of Indonesian want a country
founded on security (1), peace and prosperity (3)
Upholding the principles of our Pancasila. (2)
We want forward - thinking Indonesian
to meet the challenges of globalisation.
Let us all work together
hand in hand to create a better tomorrow
One voice (2), one hope (3), one nation (1)
One Indonesia!
Kondektur: Affiani
Nizam, Eka, Fitri, Fila, Ria, Daus, Day, Wafiq, Afiq, Ita, Rio, Frengky, Katon, Lucky, Vian
Bold : All
Italic : Group 1
Dragonfly : Group 2
Aladdin : Group 3
Underlined : Group 4
X : Men
Bold & Italic : All woman
(1) : Line 1
(2) : Line 2
(3) : Line 3

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